Christmas Loans

Over the years a spate of dodgy Christmas loans websites have cropped up, their purpose is to flout the FCA guidelines and either loan money illegally or con people out of money. Typically, when you approach a dodgy loan website, they make all sorts of spurious claims about how easy it will be to get money, even with poor credit history, or promote frowned upon techniques such as getting a loan to pay for Christmas presents, or in the case of some lenders to go out on Valentines night.

As with all things finance you need to think before you act and do your due diligence. Check a company out, look for reviews, check to see it is or its a site part of a company who is registered with the FCA. You can very easily check to see if a company is a legitimate Christmas cash loan provider, or a shyster, by searching on regulators websites.

You can even check the actual site itself. Does it have an ssl, a security certificate which scrambles sensitive information. Is the SSl on the whole site or pages where it is asking you to enter personal details about yourself, information you wouldn’t want to get in the hands of someone who is out to con people.

Generally, with a dodgy loan site, you’re going to be exposed, should you enter your personal details, to identity theft, to brokers with claims of a loan if you pay them only £60 pounds for example, worse, to people who ask for 500£ upfront in order to lend you a few grand. You may have all your details sold, start getting strange emails and strange phone calls.

Be careful this Christmas, the internet still has a long way to go before it is regulated properly, don’t get caught out entering your information on dodgy sites, such as Christmas Loans for bad credit.

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